A pioneering approach from IJM steel which goes to display the thought leadership of IJM.

At IJMSPPL, we have a dedicated design team who will present you with the most efficient and cost efficient solution to your project. We provide an Optimized alternate Design since the Welded Mesh consists of steel with high Engineering properties and available with different diameters. Our design team study and understand a normal rebar drawing and then accordingly convert it to a welded drawing. Our design team is a result Oriented professionals with well experience in various structural design and detailed engineering in most areas like Airport, IT parks, Residential and commercial buildings and cement plant etc. Our design team delivers the maximum benefit in terms of cost, logistic control and ease of laying.
DESIGN SOFTWARE Our team is proficient in sophisticated earthquake resistant design of buildings and deft at latest finite element analysis software’s such as STAAD-PRO, ETABS and SAP 2000.We ensure compliance to various quality Indian standards
DESIGN PROCESS The welded wire mesh consists of steel with high Engineering properties and available with different diameters. Schedule of the meshes are prepared based on the approved converted Drawings. The welded mesh drawing clearly indicates the slab panel marking and the corresponding mesh nomenclature that makes ease in laying at site. We make both Engineered mesh as well as standard mesh. The Engineered meshes are those which are made as per the exact requirement of the customer or project and hence shall be manufactured in varying sizes standard meshes are those which are manufactured in the maximum size of the mesh that can be manufactured at our plant is 6000mm* 2400mm.
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All processes have imported machinery with high end technology, PLC based automation,
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Welded Wire Mesh has a wide range of aplications across several sectors
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Independent studies and project data show that through appropriate use, Welded Wire Mesh save Time and Money.
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