Cold rolling is a metal working process in which metal is deformed by passing it through rollers at a temperature below Recrystallisation temperature. Cold rolling increases the yield strength and hardness of a metal by introducing defects into the metal’s crystal structure. These defects prevent further slip and can reduce the grain size of the metal. These bars are high yield strength deformed bars(HYSD) having yied strength of 550 MPa and confirming to IS 1786-2008. We have sophisticated high end cold rolling machinery imported from M/S Teurema, Spain with a production capacity of 3000 Tonnes per month.

Standards and Specifications

 BS 8110 : 1997  Structural use of Concrete
 Part-I  Code of practice for Design and Construction

IJM Steel Products Pvt. Ltd. (IJMSPPL) manufactures Welded Wire Mesh (WWM), a relatively new product in India. Welded Wire Mesh is used as steel reinforcement in concrete, replacing the traditional “cut & bend” and placing of steel TMT bars. Welded Wire Mesh is used as steel reinforcement in concrete, replacing the traditional “cut & bend” and placing of steel TMT bars. Using state of the art machines procured from reputable European manufacturers, IJMSPPL is able to produce high quality WWM with precise dimensional control. The product will result considerable savings in time, labor and money. It is an Electric fusion welded prefabricated reinforcement consisting of a series of parallel longitudinal wires with accurate spacing welded to cross wires at the required spacing. Welded Wire Mesh is a 101 years old concept being introduced in India by IJM steel Products Private Limited. This concept is a step forward in the mechanization of reinforcement laying. It is the easiest and correct solution for achieving the requirements of quality, reliability, speed and efficiency at construction site.


The following British and Indian standards have been published for regulating steel wires and the manufacture of WWM.

 IS 1566:1982  Specification for the hard drawn steel wire fabric for concrete reinforcement.
 BS 4482:1998  Specification for cold reduced mild steel wire for the reinforcement of concrete.
 BS 4483:1998  Specification for welded steel fabric for the reinforcement of concrete.

Characteristic Strength

BS 4482:1998 and 4483:1998 stipulate the minimum requirement for characteristic yield strength of welded fabric.

Min.Characteristics Strength N/mm2
Fusion Weld
Pressure combined with heat fuses the parent material to form the weld and can withstand shear strength of 240 Mpa and confirms to ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) standards.
It resist higher shear load since no foreign material is used in the welding process.
The Bars conform to IS
432-Pt II/1982 which specifies UTS of 570 N/mm2 and Characteristic Strength of 480 N/mm2.
WWM is manufactured conforming to IS
1566-1982 with long and cross wires spacing ranging from 50 to 400mm.
All processes have imported machinery with high end technology, PLC based automation,
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Independent studies and project data show that through appropriate use, Welded Wire Mesh save Time and Money.
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Design Capability
A pioneering approach from IJM steel which goes to display the thought leadership of IJM.
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